MD.1-500 Dissolver mixer for viscous products

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MD.1-500 dissolver mixer is intended for mixing and dispersion of viscous products. It offers a highly efficient mixin process and reduced setting time. No significant increase in temperature is observed when preparing the majority of products, so no additional cooling of the vessel is required.

MD.1-500 features two mixers:

- slow-speed three-arm gate mixer with blades and dedicated spring-loaded scrapers on the side and bottom surfaces to provide mixing of the entire amount of the product and prevent its adhesion to vessel walls and bottom;

- high-speed mixer with variable speed disc cutters for dispersion of ingredients.

The dissolver mixer has a 9.2 kW gear motor and a 30 kW electric motor. It also features a vacuum system (vacuum generator with a seal system) to generate a vacuum up to 0.8 kg/cm².

MD.1-500 package includes a D.1-500 stainless steel vessel with V=0.5 m³.

1. High-speed mixer speed range, rpm 100–1,100
2. Slow-speed mixer speed, rpm 40.6
3. Installed capacity, kW 40
4. Compressed air flow, m³/h, max. (w/vacuum system) 11.2
5. Dissolver dimensions, mm, max. -
- length 2,200
- width 1,300
- travelling height 2,820
- maximum height 3,720
6. Dissolver weight, kg, max. 1,370

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