D.2-500 500 L vessel w/cooling jacket, AISI304

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The vessel is intended for the production of putties, plasters, sealants, adhesives, pigment pastes, mastics, and other products using dissolver mixer MD.1-500.

D.2-500 is a calibrated stainless steel vessel optimized for use with MD.1-500 dissolver mixer and PF.1-500 press.

Small volume of the vessel (V=0.5 m³) allows manual handling across the workshop without the use of any additional equipment.

The cooling jacket is suitable for pressure up to 6 bar, which allows connecting the vessel to the municipal water supply system.

1. Operating volume of the vessel, m3 0.5
2. Inner diameter, mm 898
3. Outer diameter, mm 994
4. Height (w/wheels), mm 1,060
5. Depth, mm 808
6. Coolant supply and discharge cocks 1”
7. Coolant maximum operating pressure 6 bar
8. Outlet diameter 3” (product outlet is fitted with a Du80 butterfly valve with a stainless steel disc and sealing depending on the ingredients used)
9. Material of the vessel stainless steel
10. Weight, kg 195

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