BM.1 Basket bid mill

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Intended for dispersion and fine grinding of paints and varnishes.


- High performance. Grinding of iron oxide up to 3 μm (50 minutes with ⌀2 mm zirconium beads).

- Double-staged suction basket provides optimal distribution of particles in the vessel.

- Versatility. The size and material of beads is customizable.

- Wall-mounted, compact design.

- Product temperature control.

- Water cooling of the basket. Automatic shutdown if overheated.

- Operates within a wide range of apparent viscosity values.

- Easy washing off.

Electronic tachometer shows the shaft speed (rpm).

An electronic tachometer monitors the temperature of the product and disables operation if a preset temperature threshold is exceeded.

The basket is lowered and lifted using a hydraulic cylinder. During rotation, a vertical motion command triggers the safety shutdown of the mill.

Объём корзины 6,5 л.
Мощность двигателя 15 кВт.
Скорость вращения плавно регулируется в диапазоне 0 - 1500 об/мин.
Рабочий объем 100 - 400л.
Размеры (ВхШхГ) 3216 х 760 х 1136 мм.

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