LR.9 (Ex) Foaming liquid volumetric filling line for 0.185 L – 2.82 L tin cans and Bericap jerry cans

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The line is intended for automatic filling and capping of Bericap cylindrical and rectangular tin canswith foamingprocess and chemical liquids (solvents, curing agents, varnishes, etc.).

Line features:

  • Removal of particulate matter with diameter over 2 mm.
  • Positioning of 2 cans.
  • Simultaneous filling into 2 cans.
  • Counting of filled bottles.
  • Closing of Bericaps at the same position.
  • LR.9 line can be complete with a power-operated ROUND or RECTANGULAR feeding table for empty containers.
  • Purpose Filling of white spirit; Filling of solvent; Filling of solvents 646, 647, 650; Filling of organic solvent paints; Filling of organic solvent putties; Filling of curing agents
    Container into Bericap tin containers
    Dose volume under 1 L; 1–5 L
    Filling method below bunghole filling

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