LR.2M Liquid and low-viscosity product volumetric filling line for 0.25 L – 2.82 L tin cans

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The line is intended for automatic volumetric filling and capping of cylindrical tin cans with liquid or low-viscosity chemical liquids, which do not contain abrasive materials (paints, enamels, adhesives, etc.);

Brief description:

  • Automatic laying of caps.
  • Automatic capping with cap presence control.
  • Color coding unit (applying a color dot
  • to the cap).

    The line can be complete with a round or rectangular feeding table for empty containers and a round receiving table for filled containers.

    Purpose Filling of organic solvent paints; Filling of organic solvent putties
    Container into flat lid tin cans
    Dose volume under 1 L; 1–5 L
    Filling method above level filling
    1. Filling method volumetric
    2. Single dose volume (smoothly adjustable), cm3 180–2,820
    with double dose toggle on, cm3 360–5,600
    3. Dosing tolerance, % ±0.5
    4. Compressed air pressure, MPa 0.5–0.6
    flow, m³/h, max. 45
    5. Installed capacity of electric motor, kW, max. 0.8
    6. Capacity, container/h, max., container V=1.0 L max. 2,200
    container V=3.6 L max. 1,600

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