FNS.01 Filtration and pumping unit with a pulsation dampener

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Intended for product feeding from the container to the filling unit.

Filtration is carried out using replaceable filter bags with various selectivity values (50 to 1,000 μm).

Filtration is not used for filling or pumping of filled products: in this case, the filter bag along with the basket and the ballast tank is removed from the filter bottle. The pumping unit is used for pumping products with a solid inclusion size up to 6 mm.

The unit can be complete with Sandpiper diaphragm pumps with 1" to 3ʺ connection, with diaphragms and ball valve of Teflon™, (which makes it compatible with organic products) or Santoprene™ (for use with water-based products).

1. Maximum output (water) depends on the installed pump type
- 1" pump, L/min 170
- 1.5" pump, L/min 401
- 2" pump, L/min 567
2. Compressed air flow (when pumping) depends on the installed pump type
- 1" pump, m3/h, max. 68
- 1,5\” pump, m3/h, max. 85
- 2\” pump, m3/h, max. 170
3. Operating pressure, bar, max. 6

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