PRK.U08M Semi-automatic volumetric filling and screwing unit for 0.2–5 L PET bottles

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The new PRK.U platform is a versatile compact solution covering all Ircom-EKT accomplishments over 30 years of equipment manufacturing. It provides:

- filling into plastic and metal containers of various shapes and sizes

(30 to 380 mm in height, up to 10 L in volume);

- automatic closing of most types of caps or lids.

Compatibility with a wide range of attachable equipment allows PRK.U customization.

Purpose Filling of anti-freeze solution; Filling of white spirit; Filling of isopropanol; Filling of ethylene glycol; Filling of solvent; Filling of ethyl acetate; Filling of methyl acetate; Filling of butyl acetate; Filling of antisilicone; Filling of solvents 646, 647, 650; Filling of glycerine; Filling of fire starter fluid; Filling of wiper fluid; Filling of polyethylene glycol (PEG); Filling of engine oil; Filling or primers; Фасовка моющих средств; Фасовка бытовой химии
Container into plastic jerry cans; into PET bottles
Dose volume under 1 L; 1–5 L
Filling method below bunghole filling; below level filling
Filling method volumetric
Single dose volume, cm3 200–2820
Dosing tolerance ± 0.5 %
Compressed air pressure, MPa 0.5–0.6
Compressed air flow, m³/h, max. 12
Capacity depends on the dose volume and product parameters, and is stipulated in the Terms of Reference at the time the agreement is made.
- for containers with V=0.25 L 850
for containers with V=0.5 L 670
for containers with V=4 L 370
for containers with V=5 L 300

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