PRK.022 Semi-automatic gravimetric filling and capping unit for 1-30 (70) kg plastic buckets

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This semi-automatic unit is intended for filling of low to medium viscosity (water-dispersion paints, etc.) and high viscosity (sealants, putties, etc.) into polyethylene containers (buckets).

Weighing while dosing is carried out on a platform scale with a load cell, with an electronic controller providing the following functions:
- dosing tolerance, max. ±0.5 %;
- tare weight subtraction;
- dynamic correction of dose weight;
- adjustment of filling-up;
- calculation of the total weight of dosed product;
- calculation of the total number of packages;
- storing of up to 20 setup programs.

Closure of PE caps is carried out by horizontal seaming rollers on a belt conveyor (if no containers are present, the conveyor goes off automatically within preset time)

Purpose Filling of water-based paints; Filling of water-based putties; Filling or primers
Container into cylindrical plastic buckets; into oval plastic buckets; into rectangular plastic buckets
Dose volume 1–5 L; 5–20 L
Filling method above level filling
Minimum weight of 1 dose (net) 1.5 kg
Maximum weight of 1 dose (gross) 60 kg
Dosing tolerance max. ±0.5 %
Load cell РС60 by FLINTEC, Germany
Compressed air supply pressure, kg/cm² 4–5
Compressed air flow, m³/h, max. 2.5
Power supply 220 VAC 50 Hz
Conveyor length, mm 1,750
Belt width, mm 500
Container height mах., mm 340
Container height min., mm 90
Conveyor speed, m/s 0.24
Dimensions of PRK-02B-00.00.4070.00 m 2.9 х 1.2 х 1.8

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