PRK.11 Semi-automatic gravimetric filling unit for industrial packaging

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The semi-automatic unit is intended for gravimetric filling of organic liquids into single metal drums.


- Platform scale with a roller table.

- Product flow control valve.

- Filler valve with a drop nozzle.

- Programmable controller system.

- Approach roller table, L=1.2 m.

- Run-out roller table, L=1.2 m.

- Explosion-proof version is available.

Semi-automatic unit features:

- container filling start – by pressing the button (manually);

- container filling stop – automatic, by setting up the filling weight;

- dosing start and stop – light and sound alarm;

- container filling provided the nozzle gets into the container filler neck.

- dynamic adjustment of the tolerance is provided, i. e. physical and chemical properties of the liquids being filled are taken into account;

- filling time is optimized during gravity filling (it changes due to the filled liquid level drop);

- the number of containers being filled is displayed;

- filled product weight is shown;

Purpose Filling of anti-freeze solution; Filling of white spirit; Filling of solvent; Filling of engine oil
Container into metal drums
Dose volume above 20 L
Filling method below bunghole filling; below level filling
1.Filling method gravimetric (net weight)
2. Capacity, kg/h 5,000–12,000
3.Container feeding method single drums
4.Dose weight, minimum (net), kg 100.0
5. Maximum measured weight, kg, max. as per order
6.Maximum dose value, kg 300
7.Dosing tolerance, % ±0.5-1
8.Platform scale dimensions, length x width, mm 650 х 650
9.Minimum diameter of container neck, mm 40
10.Compressed air supply pressure, kg/cm2 4-7
11.Compressed air flow, m³/h, max. 2.0
12.Power supply 220 VAC, 50 Hz
13.Power input, kW, max. 0.1
14. Load cells FLINTEC
15. Version standard or explosion-proof

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