PRK.11-01 Semi-automatic gravimetric filling unit for 5-1,900 kg containers placed on pallets

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The semi-automatic unit is intended for single-unit and group gravimetric filling of chemicals, paints and varnishes into various containers placed on process pallets.

Weighing while dosing is carried out on a platform scale with a load cell, with an electronic controller providing the following functions:

- tare weight subtraction;
- dynamic correction of dose weight;
- adjustment of filling-up;
- calculation of the total weight of dosed product;
- calculation of the total number of packages.

Explosion-proof version is available.

Purpose Filling of water-based paints; Filling of water-based putties
Container into cylindrical plastic buckets; into oval plastic buckets; into rectangular plastic buckets; into banded metal buckets
Dose volume 5–20 L; above 20 L
Filling method above level filling
1.Filling principle gravimetric
2.Weight of 1 dose in a group minimum, kg10.0
Weight of 1 dose in a group maximum, kg600.0
3. Dosing tolerance for 5–300 kg dose ≤±50 g
for 300–1,000 kg dose ≤±75 g
for 1,000–1,900 kg dose ≤±100 g
4.Compressed air supply pressure, MPa 0.4–0.6
5.Compressed air flow, m³/h, max. 3.0
6.Power input, kW, max. 0.2
7. Length x width x height 1,500х1,300х2,000
8.Weight, kg 800
9.Capacity*, kg/h 5,000 to 12,000
10. Version standard or explosion-proof

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