LR.4 Liquid volumetric filling line for 1 L – 10 L jerry cans

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  • Automatic filling and capping of 1 L to 10 L plastic jerrycans with static foaming chemical and process liquids.
  • Removal of particulate matter with diameter over 2 mm.
  • Simultaneous filling into 4 jerry cans.
  • Automatic positioning, packing, and screwing unit for PE caps at the same position.


Purpose Filling of anti-freeze solution; Filling of wiper fluid; Filling or primers
Container into plastic jerry cans; into PET bottles
Dose volume 1–5 L; 5–20 L
Filling method below bunghole filling; below level filling
Dose volume, L 1.0-10.00
Tolerance, % <±0.5 %
Capacity, container/h, V=1 L 1,900
Capacity, container/h, V=4 L 1,500
Capacity, container/h, V=5 L 1,400
Air flow, m3/h at 6 bar < 55
Air pressure, bar* 6
Power supply, V/Hz/kW 380/50/2

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