LR.5C Viscous product volumetric filling line for 3 L – 20 L buckets

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LR.5C line is intended for stacking, separation and feeding of containers for filling. Container capping and screwing is carried out manually.


1. Automatic unit for container stacking, separation, and feeding.

2. Live roller table w/container travel unit at 90°.

3. Automatic filling unit with one filling position and a containment area.

4. Live angular run-out roller table for filled containers.

The line can be complete with replaceable product feeding routes for quick product change and filling into buckets of various heights.

Purpose Filling of organic solvent paints; Filling of organic solvent putties
Container into lug lid metal buckets; into banded metal buckets
Dose volume 5–20 L
Filling method above level filling
1. Filling principle gravimetric
2. Single dose weight, min. 2.5kg
Single dose weight, max. 30.0 kg
3. *Capacity, 5 L buckets 400 pcs/h
Capacity, 20 L buckets 200 pcs/h
4. Dosing tolerance, mean deviation of 10 successive doses ± 0.5 %
5. Compressed air supply pressure, max. 6–7 bar
6. Compressed air flow 30 м3/h
7. Product connection Flexible metallic hose for 1 MPa, DN=12 mm
8. Product feeding route connection CLAMP 2”
9. Power supply 380±38 V, 3 phases, 50±1 Hz
10. Power input 4.5 kW
11. Load cell FLINTEKC PC60

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