PRK.11G Semi-automatic mass flowmeter based filling unit for IBC containers

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The semi-automatic unit is intended for mass flowmeter based filling of IBC containers with foaming acrylic dispersion.


1. Rack.

2. Valve lifting mechanism.

3. Valve w/nozzle and drip pan.

5. Power-operated approach roller table.

6. Power-operated run-out roller table.

7. Mass flowmeter.

8. Control panel.

9. Inlet/outlet safety light screens (2 pcs).

Purpose Filling or primers
Container into intermediate bulk containers (IBC)
Dose volume 5–20 L
Filling method below bunghole filling; below level filling
1.Filling method gravimetric (mass flowmeter)
2.Weight of 1 dose, kg 50–1,500
3.Dosing tolerance, % ±0.7
4.Compressed air supply pressure, MPa 0.6–0.7
5.Compressed air flow, m³/h, max. 14.0
6.Power supply 220 VAC, 50 Hz
7.Three-phase electric motor supply 380 VAC, 50 Hz
7.Power input, kW, max. 3.0
8Semi-automatic unit weight, kg, max. 1,000
10.Capacity depends on the feed pump rate as well as on the product parameters (density, viscosity, temperature), container parameters, and human factor
11.Controller SIEMENS
12. Mass flowmeter Optimass 1400C-S50
13. Nominal filling speed 300 L/min

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